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  • No hourly fees or surprises

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  1. Best legal advise :CH medical lawyers are vetted, reviewed by others like you, and in good standing with their respective state bars

  2. Quick Support : At CH Law we promise support almost immediately or at a time most convenient to you because we know your time is valuable.

  3. Avoid paying expensive fees : While you pay by the hour to talk to most law firm attorneys, you pay only one low monthly fee to get help from legal plan attorneys

  4. Choose the lawyer you like : Through our convenient online scheduling tool, most customers receive a selection of attorneys based on your location and legal matter

  5. Get Legal advise in patient care: Make better financial decisions with advice from tax professionals, through our business partners

  6. Get personal advise on lawsuit matters: For each 30-minute phone consultation, you get personalized advice that can help you make important personal decisions

  7. Document Review upto 10 pages : Included in your plan is legal document review, including contracts and other legal documents

  8. Develop relationship with your lawyer: You can schedule each consultation with the same lawyer, building a history with someone who knows you


Plan Details

Set up your medical lawyer consultation on a range of issues including medical negligence, medical negligence, ethics, intellectual property, corporate law, medical insurance and patient/family harassment. Each legal matter must be unique. Regular attorney consultations last 20 minutes in phone or over the phone; the annual legal checkup lasts 30 min. Attorneys are licensed in your state ( and sometimes your district).

Your plan covers you and your staff

Lawyer Consultations

Tax Advice

Legal Document Review

Legal Forms


Additional Benefits

  1. Refer your colleague and get 15% Off

  2. Save 10% on any Curehub Legal Document - Filling court repres

  3. Save 30% on any legal plan provided by your lawyer

  • Above and beyond the standard 20-minute lawyer consultation

  • For complex legal matters

  • Legal representation

  • Discount applied to attorney’s standard hourly rate




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